We talked about paper cut-out fonts in our blog on design trends for 2020. And we thought it would be a good follow-up to provide some examples of cut-out font designs that you can download and start using right away.

This quirky, DIY-effect style is the perfect antidote to overigitised design. It’s great for when you want to add more of a human touch to your projects. And one of the major appeals of paper cut-out fonts is how quirky and striking they are. They’re a guarenteed eye-catcher.

Of course, you could always create your very own bespoke paper cut-out fonts, completely by hand. But for those who are a little more pressed for time, or who just prefer working digitally, this selection of 11 fonts should be enough to get you going.


Vintii extended

Our Hand

CA Rusty Nail






West Side

Cut Out The Jams

Paper – A Free Font

Free fonts please

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