Whether you’re driving to work, walking to the shop, or running a marathon, podcasts are an excellent tool for learning on the go. And for designers and creatives, there’s a plethora of interesting audio content out there to be heard. Enough, in fact, to keep you occupied for months (maybe even years!). 

But rather than overwhelm you with a double-digit list, we thought we’d keep things concise and start you off with 8 podcasts that we think all designers and creatives can enjoy. 

Being Freelance 

The life of a freelancer can be a lonely affair. Not only that, but the logistics of a creative solo career can be difficult to navigate at the best of times. Luckily, Steve Folland is on-hand with Being Freelance, a podcast “where creative freelancers chat about being, well, freelance.”

The Logo Geek

Into logos? Look no further. Ian Paget dives deep into that very subject in this aptly named podcast. Featuring interviews with successful designers from around the world, The Logo Geek is packed full of interesting insights and actionable advice. (Note: it’s not exclusively about logos.) 

Shop Talk

Simply put, Shop Talk is “a podcast about building websites”. No nonsense. It’s all about front-end web design and development. So whether this sort of thing is your bag, or if you’re just a designer hoping to learn a little more about the technical aspects of web design, there’s lots to learn here.

Arrest All Mimics

Hosted by illustrator, author, and art-director Ben Tallon, Arrest All Mimics: The Creative Innovation Podcast offers an intriguing look into the careers of a broad range of creative folk. Featuring a whole host of guests, from illustrators and publishers to musicians and game designers, this is definitely one for those interested in creative diversity.

Adventures In Design 

In their own words, Adventures In Design is “a daily talk show for creatives just like you, exploring how others design happiness into their professional lives.” Fun, interesting, and informative. It’ll certainly keep you entertained on the drive to work.

The Honest Designers Show

As you might have guessed, this is a podcast about designers talking open and honestly about life within the industry. They don’t shy away from the uglier aspects of the career, either. Topics such as plagiarism and creative failure sit comfortably alongside discussions on breaking out of your comfort zone and networking. This may be a particularly rewarding listen for anyone who has ever felt jaded, uncertain, or unconfident at any point in their career.

Design Matters

Debbie Millman is something of a pioneer in the world of design podcasts. Indeed, the website itself describes Design Matters as “the world’s first podcast about design.” Here you’ll find a wealth of inspiring and informative conversations with a huge variety of creatives, including designers, writers, artists, curators, and musicians. Take your pick!

Creative Pep Talk

Illustrator Andy J. Miller hopes to bring you to a place of creative wellbeing through a series of “ridiculous analogies, personal stories and artist interviews” in this colourful and creative podcast. If you’re in a creative or professional rut, are feeling lost, or just need a bit of motivation, then Creative Pep Talk is well worth your time.

Content for creatives

So now you know what to do on those long commutes, but what about when you’re back home on the sofa? If you’re stuck for what to watch, treat your eyes to these 7 great design documentaries