Hot, humid, and a little bit lethargic. That’s the general office vibe on a blistering summer afternoon. People don’t really want to work, and they really don’t want to waste their energy wading through heaps of tedious marketing fodder.

But brands have to keep on branding, regardless of the weather. So, taking into account the slightly more sluggish atmosphere of those mid-year months, how can brands stay fresh and engaging without fatiguing their audience? Read on to find out our 3 top tips for summer branding success.

Streamline your content

When the sun comes out and the heat rises, there’s a general itch to get home and relax in the garden. People are watching the clouds pass by through their office windows, and it takes just about all their effort to get on with the day’s work. 

Feeling this way, people may be naturally less inclined to engage with long-form advertising content. So the way through the heat is to streamline by offering content that doesn’t take an afternoon to get through

Keep it simple, keep it short. Aim to say what needs to be said in as short a space as possible. Because in summer, brevity is key. 

Consider reducing the volume of content you send out

For some reason, when we’re hot we tend to loathe decision-making a little more than usual, preferring instead the path of least resistance. 

To make things easier on your audience, try reducing the amount of choice you’re offering them. Even when it comes to advertising your products and services, consider focussing on just one or two for a while rather than bombarding people with everything you have.

Go light

To really capture the summer vibe, consider using a bright and vibrant colour palette that evokes the personality of the season. This will help to communicate a sense of fun and buoyancy, and will give a more laid-back appeal to your marketing material.  

Also think about literally going lighter by tweaking the brightness of your images and illustrations. Summer is the brightest and most vivd time of year, so you can aim to reflect this in your branding. 

Get outside

If it’s conducive to your brand and the products/services you offer, try taking your marketing outdoors. Capturing some fresh images of your products, staff, or even the building you work in, on a sunny afternoon can really help to humanise your brand and add a bit of colour to your marketing. 

Just think how much more enticing Coca-Cola looks when you see someone drinking it on a sweltering summer’s day. Of course, you may not be a soft drink manufacturer, but with the right sort of imagery it’s possible to boost your branding in a similar way. 

Branding through the seasons

Producing seasonally inspired content and marketing is an excellent way to keep people engaged with your brand and show that you’re able to keep up with the turnings of the wider world. For more on seasonal branding, check out our guide to effective winter marketing.