Last week we talked about how to design an alluring retail space. This week we thought we’d share some real world examples of fantastic store interiors.

From colourful and quirky to minimalist and elegant. These 5 spaces show just how creative retailers can be with their interior design choices.

Worlds away from your local corner shop, these stores make the very act of browsing their shelves an experience in itself!

Aida, Shoreditch

Chic and vibrant with a touch of the industrial. This London-based concept store, in its own words, combines “Scandinavian inspired men’s and women’s clothing, homewares and barista coffee.”

The varied and stark style of Aida’s interior design perfectly compliments its multiple product offerings. And, ultimately, it’s a sleek, cool, and handsomely rugged space.

The Imaginarium, York

This is a store that couldn’t have been more aptly named. What’s so impressive about the Imaginarium is how it manages to be quirky, off-kilter, and Alice-in-wonderland-esque, all whilst still maintaining a high degree of sophistication and elegance.

It’s an emporium of exotic oddities, and a space that’s both unique and exciting to explore.

Forum Books, Corbridge

Many modern independent bookshops are at the forefront of interior retail design. Offering creative, bright, and inspiring spaces for book lovers to wind and weave through. And at the forefront of the forefront is Forum Books.

Situated inside a converted chapel, Forum Books strikes a perfect balance between bright, open modernity, and the alluring coziness of a friendly old bookshop. Everything here, from the lighting and the wall graphics to the ever-changing book displays, is a winner.

The Yorkshire Soap Co, York



Owned by the same folks who run The Imaginarium, The Yorkshire Soap Co. is a wonderland of sumptuous-looking soaps and scrubs.

One thing that stands out about this store is how many of the products are presented thematically. Take the cupcake lookalike soaps, for example, which are displayed on cake stands.

Wherever you look, there’s something to see. Yet there’s a simplicity and order to this space that manages to perfectly blend playfulness with practicality.

Hannah Zakari, Edinburgh

White. Bright. Minimal. Hannah Zakari’s has all the appeal of a showroom, but without any of the blandness. It’s an incredibly open and inviting space. And the careful layout of shelves and product displays encourages slow and purposeful browsing.

This one goes to show that simplicity and creativity can easily go hand in hand.

LN-CC, London

LN-CC seems to successfully toe the line between art exhibition and retail space. Its aesthetic lies somewhere in the realm of space-age rustic (if such a thing exists).

What’s really great about this store, however, is how the space itself is an attraction in its own right. This is the kind of place you’d want to see just for the experience of seeing it. It’s incredibly creative, both in terms of layout and product displays.

The Art Of The Interior

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