A logo is integral to a brand’s identity, public image, and all-round aesthetic success. And with so many brands around today, each trying to outmanoeuvre and out-market its competitors, it’s more important than ever for businesses to stand out with top-quality visual branding. And there’s hardly anything more essential to successful visual branding than an excellent logo.

Your logo acts as a visual “heart” that encapsulates everything positive about your brand experience. It’s an aesthetic cue provoking certain emotions, memories, and feelings, and therefore it must be instantly recognisable and identifiable. Because when people can identify your brand from a glance at your logo, you know you’re doing something right.   

There are of course lots of excellent logos in the world. But some are greater than others, and some have transcended the very concept of branding itself, becoming visual monuments in their own right. So here are (in our opinion) 7 of the most iconic logos of all time. 


Arguably one of the most recognisable logos in the entire world, the golden arches have remained a consistent hit for the global fast food giant. It’s simplistic, memorable, and very easy on the eyes. 


A purely timeless design. The Coca-Cola logo has (for the most part) remained fairly consistent since its original iteration back in 1886. It’s simple, bold, and memorable. Simply one of the best around. 


Aside from having one of the most recognisable slogans in the world, Nike also boasts an incredibly distinctive logo. As a matter of fact, the iconic “swoosh” is so well-known that it’s evolved to the point where it can exist entirely on its own, no need for the brand name anywhere. 


This may be something of a chicken and egg situation. Is this logo so immensely recognisable simply because Google is the most visited website in the world? That might have something to do with it. But regardless, it’s still an iconic piece of branding in its own right. Simple, colourful, and unique, its ever-evolving form ensures that it’s always at the head of the curve. 


Another simplistic and text-based logo. Amazon’s branding really needs no introduction. Much of its genius lies in its minimalistic approach. But it goes a little deeper than that too. Ever noticed how the arrow points from A to Z? Reminding us all that this only retail giant literally sells everything. 


When the word “apple” evokes images of smartphones and laptops before fruit, you know you’re dealing with an influential brand. Not only is Apple one of the biggest companies on the planet, it’s got one of the most enduring logos too. Whilst the fundamentals of the logo haven’t changed drastically over the years, there is a huge difference between the modern and original iterations. It’s a simple and powerful icon that works well anywhere, and wonderfully encapsulates the nature of the brand it represents.  

I Love New York

Designed by the legendary Milton Glaser, this logo has proved so iconic and effective that it’s been “borrowed” by countless cities and brands over the years. It’s remarkably simple, and is the kind of logo that every designer everywhere wishes they’d invented. 

The craft of the logo

Now you’ve had a look at some of the best, why not dive a little deeper into the art of logo making with our guide to designing a successful logo in 5 steps. Or see these tips on  how to create the perfect image for your brand.