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According to Shutterstock, zines are set to be a major trend in 2019. Quick definition: a zine is, essentially, an independently published booklet, often created entirely by a single person. Think saddle-stitched, printer paper, hand-bound and hand-drawn.

Zines enjoy a very unique and niche existence in the publishing world. They offer a tangible refuge from the digital landscape, and are often created specifically as an antithesis to digital publishing trends. That’s why more often than not a zine will have a noticeably DIY aesthetic.

One of the most alluring aspects of zine culture is its intense focus on creativity and originality. The zine presents artists, writers, and general creative types with an essentially boundless format. There are no middle-men or barriers to entry, and little in the way of budget issues. When it comes to zines the general rule is: if you’ve got the idea and the passion, you can make it!

So, unsurprisingly, the zine has become something of a home to independent artists and those with an eye for DIY aesthetics. This has led to some incredibly attractive publications coming into existence over the years. And today we’re going to share seven zines that, in our book at least, get ten out of ten for creativity!

Blop! vs. the Cyclops – Alex Hahn

Long Lost Lempi – Adam Vian

The Stars – Megan Bentley

The Tiny Book of Tiny Animals – Lyndsey Green

Autumn Wild – Kriski

Icelandic Landscapes – Erin McPhee

Knock Before Entering

The independent’s way

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