Marketers are always trying to innovate and blur the lines between advertisement and entertainment. And the best ads in the world are the ones that make us forget we’re watching adverts at all. One of the more recent breakthroughs in the marketing sphere has been the introduction of VR technology, which presents a plethora of new and exciting avenues for brand’s and marketeers to explore.  

What’s unique about VR is the depth of experience on offer. Short of actual realtime experiential marketing, virtual reality experiences are more immersive than any other form of advertising available. The difference is, unlike experiential marketing, VR isn’t restricted by time and space. It’s available to anyone who has the technological means to experience it.

Though, of course, VR marketing is still a relatively new phenomenon, and a big obstacle standing in the way is the fact that the average person doesn’t have access to a VR headset. The experiences are still available (and often worthwhile) without headsets, but their full impact is somewhat diminished.

Certainly it seems to be the case that the companies most open to experimentation with this form are the usual suspects: global brands with the money and clout to carry it off. This is only to be expected, as the big players are often the only ones who can afford to innovate technologically. 

But on a more local scale, hospitality and property businesses may be the ones benefitting the most from VR technology, utilising it in the form of virtual tours. 

And though it might not be attainable yet for the average SME, VR advertising is still a very interesting and inspiring area of marketing. And there are some brilliant pioneering examples of how to use the medium to add another dimension (literally) to campaigns. 

So, here are 9 examples of excellent, forward-thinking VR marketing.    

(PS. If you’ve got some spare time and would like to get the full VR experience from these videos, here’s a tutorial on how to make your own cardboard VR goggles!)   


Walking New York — The New York Times



Quantico: The Takedown — Lexus



Ascot Course Preview — Red Bull Air Race 2015



Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart — The New York Times



Loki — Mercedes-Benz



Virtual Giving Trip — TOMS



The Impact of Virtual Reality on Fundraising — UNICEF



Trailscape — Merrell



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