Social media success is incredibly important for many modern brands. Engaging with customers, generating useful content, and endearing people to your brand are all vital components of a healthy social media presence. 

And it’s a proven formula. Nearly 90% of digital marketers say their social media efforts have increased exposure for their business. With statistics like that, it makes a lot of sense for companies to put considerable effort into their social media marketing. 

Unfortunately, however, simply having a Facebook page isn’t enough. With the global prevalence of social media, brands need to work harder than ever to keep their accounts fresh and engaging. That means posting more than just branded content and self-promotional material. These days the key word is engagement

So how do we make our brand’s social media pages more effective and successful? Well, here are 8 tricks you can put to use to see your user engagement soar. 

Cultivate a social media presence

The first, and seemingly most obvious, trick to boosting your brand’s social media presence is, simply, to have a presence. And truth be told, that isn’t always as easy as it sounds. 

When we’re trying to keep on top of deadlines, send invoices, respond to urgent emails, etc, it’s easy to overlook our social media pages and push them to the bottom of our to-do lists. Sometimes we can even go for several days without posting a single update. But maintaining a consistent and reliable social media presence is crucial for success.

By only posting once in a while, at random and unpredictable intervals, people will naturally assume that you have no interest in social media as a platform of engagement. And if people think you’re not interested, they won’t be interested either. 

So to really build up its social self, a brand needs to put in the leg work. By posting regular updates, sharing interesting links, and responding to messages and comments in a timely manner, we can really start to grow our social media presence. 

Don’t be discouraged by slow starts, either. Just like blogs, social media pages can take a while to really settle in and take off. This is where lots of businesses go wrong; they see that after a few weeks their audience hasn’t really grown, so they give up. But with social media, perseverance is the key

By consistently posting interesting content and engaging with followers, your page will grow. It may be slow, but it will get there in the end. Just don’t leave your Facebook page to languish. Post updates, share blog posts, and promote websites and businesses you like. Simply cultivating a presence can go a long way.

Listen more than you talk 

Social media is all about engagement. It’s not a one-way marketing stream. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are essentially extensions of your customer service operations

So the most effective way to boost our social media presence is by actively communicating with our audience. Asking questions, responding to comments, requesting feedback, and generally giving users a positive experience of our brand’s online persona, are all paths to social media success.

The key is to ask questions and seek genuine connections with your customers. If we spend all our time simply stating what new offers we’ve got on, and what jobs we’ve been working on, people will switch off. In order to create a thriving online community around our brands, we need to give people things to talk about, and show that we’re listening to what they say

Also, by listening to your followers you can get a clear idea of their most common problems and questions. This, in turn, can generate huge amounts of content for your website or blog. Simply pick out a question and answer it, and you’ve got a piece of content that your customers want to consume. 

Share user-generated content

Not only does user-generated content save money and time, but it also increases engagement and boosts your page’s creative output. Whilst you might only post once a day as your business, by sharing your audience’s content as well you’ll be able to increase that number dramatically. 

To utilise user-generated content, you can create hashtags that encourage people to share photographs, stories, or even videos. You can also run features on certain days of the week. Maybe on a Thursday, for example, you could post a “photo of the day” as submitted by your followers. 

There are lots of possibilities, it’s simply a case of figuring out what would best suit your brand, and what your audience would be most likely to respond to. In any case, sharing a broad range of content generated by a variety of individuals, not just your brand, is a surefire way to increase social media engagement. 

Consider chatbots 

Chatbots have come a long way in recent years. More than just a humorous novelty for teenagers and bored office workers, chatbots are now a prevalent fixture of the online customer service world. 

Chatbots offer a convenient and cost-effective way for brands to communicate with customers at all hours of the day. Albeit they’re limited in their response capabilities, and will require an initial time investment to set up, they can add a nice touch to your customer service efforts. 

Also, considering thatmore than 50% of people would rather message a brand’s customer services than talk over the phone, online messaging is becoming more and more important. And given how time-consuming social media maintenance can be, a chatbot could be the most effective solution for quick and informative responses. 

Increase your engagement 

Everyone wants to engage with and feel connected to the brands they love. And, as a business, there are many ways you can accommodate them. As well as working on your social media presence, you could also consider enhancing your brand with experiential marketing, blogging, and even audio branding.