Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Brand recognition is one of the most important aspects of any business’s long term marketing strategy. To put your brand in the right place at the right time in front of the right eyes is paramount to your success. And one of the most cost-effective methods for exposing your brand and building loyalty is branded clothing.

From formal uniforms to branded hats and hoodies, utilising clothing to spread your company’s image is a brilliantly effective and subtle marketing strategy. And in this post, we’ll discuss some of its major advantages.

Branded clothing unifies a team and your brand

Branded clothing can be a great way of building morale within a team. Not only can it help to solidify a sense of identity and belonging, but it may also act as a status leveller. Workers, team leaders, and managers, when wearing the same kind of clothes, are more likely to perceive each other as individuals and feel equal in a social sense.

Aside from this, its also very effective for consolidating and reinforcing your brand identity in a public setting. If your employees attend networking events and business expos in branded attire, they stand to impress your brand upon new faces more successfully than if they had gone in their own clothes.

Branded clothing can also act as a very subtle yet effective means of portraying your business’s core beliefs and values. For example, if your brand is very casual and informal, then outfitting your employees in tee-shirts and polos is a good way of reflecting that.

Increases employability

If given the choice, people are more likely to choose a cohesive, uniform group over a ragtag band of mismatched folk. This is even more true in a business context. Think about builders. Would you feel more comfortable hiring a team of builders who showed up in matching, branded work clothes, or a team who showed up in hoodies and tee-shirts? 

Synchronicity of attire implies coherence, unity, and understanding; to see a team in branded clothing is a reassurance of their professionalism.

Completes your brand’s image

Your people are your brand. This is an often repeated sentiment. And it’s true. Whoever is out there in the world representing your business in a professional context is also representing your brand. Just like a poster, video, or advertising campaign, your people sell your business. So to give them branded attire, to have them interact with prospective clients whilst wearing your brand, only strengthens your message. 

To have a positive customer experience with great staff who are wearing branded clothing will stick with a customer. They’ll remember the nice person they dealt with. And, by extension, they’ll remember what a good company that person worked for.

Enriches the customer experience

Speaking of your staff, consider how integral they are to the customer experience. Of course there are lots of other factors that contribute to this, website, marketing, social media etc. However, when it comes down to it, your staff are ultimately responsible for the quality of the customer experience. They are your brand’s most important assets. 

So, by providing your staff with branded clothing, you’re adding value to their service. You’re adding coherence to their appearance. And, by extension, you’re adding value to the customer’s experience.

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