So here we are, snowed in for the second day running. The Beast from the East has battered and bruised the streets of the UK, and we’re all thoroughly freezing under a fresh sheet of snow.

But despite the slippery roads and biting winds, there are many ways we can make the most of the snowy weather. Building snowmen. Sledging. Having snowball fights. Skipping work (we didn’t really say that).

What’s more, it’s not only individuals who can turn the snow to their advantage. Businesses are doing it too. And there’s no shortage of ads out there which perfectly capture our love/hate relationship with this most chilling and beautiful weather-type.

So what better way for us to deal with the snow than by looking at some adverts that poke fun at it? That said, here are some of our favourite ads for a snowy day. 

Fed Ex



Nike - Snow Day

Coors Light


Bonus ad: Mr Plow

Which one is your favourite? Or have we missed any cracking snowy ads off the list? Let us know in the comments!