If you own a retail or exhibition space, your window display will play a huge role in attracting footfall and attention to your business. And whether you own a small corner shop or a huge high street store, your windows are one of the most powerful aesthetic tools at your disposal.

But when it comes to actually putting a good display together, things can get a little tricky. So to steer you in the right direction, here are 5 tips for creating a head-turning, eye-popping, window display.

Create a focal point

Once you’ve got a design in mind, it’s time to actually get outside and take a long look at your window. By doing this you’ll be able to see where a passers-by’s line of sight will naturally rest, and anywhere in particular their gaze will be drawn.

You can also use this time to figure out what sort of display will most suit your window. And you can choose what you’d like to include as the main object of interest and where you’d like to put it.

By creating a focal point in your display, you’re steering a prospective customer’s attention towards a specific area or item. In this way you can ensure that people are seeing exactly what you want them to see amidst your display.

Place your key items at eye level

When creating a window display, it’s important to think about what exactly you want people to be looking at. Think about which products you’d like to show off, then place them in the most visible areas of your display. Preferably you want them to be at eye level so that passers-by don’t have to work too hard to find them at a glance.

It’s also important to bear size in mind. Putting items in highly visible places is only worthwhile if the products themselves are visible. So (when it comes to your window display at least) think: bigger is better.

Be bold and colourful

You don’t have to be overly elaborate and extravagant to create a striking a window display. Sometimes all it takes is a little touch of vibrancy. And by utilising a bold and colourful aesthetic, you can really make your window stand out.

Colour is, after all, a powerful way of grabbing someone’s attention. And by combining the right kind of colours in the right way, you’ll be able to elevate your display to something truly original and eye-popping.

So don’t be afraid of adding a splash of something bright here and there. Just think how much it will stand out on a grey and rainy day!

Keep it simple

As with all good things in life, simplicity is key. Remember that most people walking past a window will only have a few seconds to look at it. So it’s crucial to ensure that your display is easy to digest (visually speaking).

The most straightforward way of ensuring this is, of course, to keep your window nice and simple. Think minimalism. Clear, bold, sparse, and engaging. All you really need is a handful of good items, placed in the right positions, and you’ve got a winning window.

Use lighting

The kind of lighting you use for your window display will effect its mood, visibility, and overall aesthetic appeal to a great extent. So it’s worthy of consideration. Not only that, but lighting is a fantastic way of highlighting certain products in your display that you’d particularly like to be seen.

There are all sorts of ways to make this work. You can opt for bright and dazzling, or warm and moody. Sometimes it can also be rewarding to match your lighting with the mood of the current season.

Whatever the case, you can always use lights to your advantage. Just remember to see them as design elements rather than obligatory background tools.

It’s all about the space

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