Have a Break, Have a…

Chances are you were able to finish that sentence without even thinking about it. If I asked you why that is, you’d probably say something like, “well, everybody knows the Kit Kat slogan”. But why does everybody know it? What makes it so memorable? And how do advertisers come up with such catchy one liners?

Big slogans are small

According to the Washington Post, these are four of the most recalled slogans in the world:

Just Do It (Nike).

I’m Lovin’ It (McDonald’s).

Have it Your Way (Burger King).

Melts in your mouth, not in your hand (M&Ms).

So what do all these slogans have in common? First of all they’re short. Not one of them exceeds 8 words in length. Even looking at a bigger list of popular slogans, you’ll find that the vast majority weigh in at less than 8 words. This sort of brevity makes for super-readability. Which is exactly what you’re looking for. People should be able to remember your slogan, but they should be able to recognise your company 

Say what you see

The second characteristic the four above slogans share is relevance. Each one, in its own way, is a simple and effective summary of either the product on offer or the brand’s values. “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands” quite accurately describes the experience of eating an M&M (i.e the hard coating keeps your fingers from getting sticky). “Just Do It”, this phrase epitomises Nike’s core values — get up and get fit, no excuses. When devising a slogan of your own, think about what your product does, or what your brand stands for, and aim to summarise it in a single phrase.

Another point on relevance: set a tone that’s in-keeping with your brand’s personality. Try to avoid a humorous slogan if your company deals in serious matters. The same applies the opposite way around.

Take your time 

It’s true that you could probably come up with a decent slogan in a couple of minutes. But it probably won’t be your best effort. So don’t be afraid to invest the time. Come up with a list of ten, twenty, thirty ideas. Put them away for a few days. Come back with fresh eyes and read them. Cull any that make you cringe. Then give the revised list to someone who’s feedback you value (preferably someone who fits the profile of your target market). This might take more time, but it will pay off in the long run. After all, when it’s up on a billboard, your slogan will be as important as your logo.

And if you’re too busy to do it yourself, then draft in a professional. When it comes to these kinds of jobs (that is, the most fun ones), most freelance writers will jump in with both feet.

If you feel that your business could benefit from a new slogan, get in touch today. Working with our in-house copywriter, Red Square can help you come up with an idea that not only looks great, but sounds great too!