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It’s time for another look at a successful brand. This week’s subject: Innocent Smoothies. Why? Well, they’ve got a lot going for them. From the logo to the language, Innocent Smoothies are a stand out example of how to stand out in what is, quite literally, a saturated marketplace.

So, let’s take a look at some real innocent genius at work.

Where did all the fun come from?

It’s easy to overlook this sort of thing nowadays but, in a way, Innocent pioneered the fun, cheeky, informal branding that you now see on nearly every quirky health food product in your local supermarket. They created a voice that was playful and friendly, and engaged their audience through interesting and unusual copy. The crux of the matter is that people don’t read the back of a lemonade bottle, but they do read the back of an Innocent Smoothie. That’s because Innocent create interesting copy that’s worth reading.

The company image also has a certain naivety about it which adds to the fun factor and gives it a spontaneous, free-spirited feel. You can see this encapsulated perfectly in the logo.

What’s also important about their style is that it makes people fond of the brand, even if they’ve never tasted the drink before. If you ask someone who’s never purchased one of their smoothies to describe the brand, they’ll probably only use positive language.

A health-conscious soft drink

An angle that can’t be spun by most big soft drink companies: the health angle. Innocent Smoothies have capitalised on the modern health-conscious consumer by providing a product that can actually be marketed as pro-health, as opposed to a not-quite-as-unhealthy-alternative-to-an-unhealthy-drink. Think about diet soft drinks, for example. You can’t position them as healthy drinks–only lower calorie substitutes to their extra sugary siblings. And at any rate they don’t fit into a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Innocent have tapped into an area in which they can be active advocates of a healthier lifestyle. They can show customers how much fruit goes into one smoothie, and what benefits those fruits provide, and they can use satisfying phrases like ‘only naturally occurring sugars’.

Simply innocent

This has already been mentioned above, but just look at their logo. It’s a perfect visual summary of the brand’s values. It’s simple, clean, and innocent (it has a halo). And, in a way, it looks like it’s been drawn by a child, and who’s more innocent than a child? There’s a special sort of consistency at work here which constantly reinforces what the products are all about. And it’s hard to see Innocent as a huge corporate presence, because they so effectively manage to keep a feeling of humility and ‘smallness’ in their branding.

Putting the money where the mouth is

Also important: this is a company that walks the walk. They’re open about their sustainability efforts, and seem to acknowledge their environmental responsibilities as a large company. They also encourage customers to recycle, and even provide a how-to guide on their website.

The take-away point here is that they leave no stone unturned. They’re extremely thorough and consistent in their branding, making sure that no aspect of the way they do business contradicts their stated goals and values. This, in turn, bolsters their position as a conscious, caring brand, and aligns them with environmentally- and health-concerned consumers.

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(Please note, this blog post is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with the Innocent Smoothies brand, it is purely an opinion piece).