The bigger, the better. This obviously isn’t always true, but it’s certainly the case that sometimes in design bigger really can be better. Welcome to the world of large format graphics.

Big bread crumbs

How do you create a Hansel and Gretel style candy cottage without using real sweets? You guessed it. Large format graphics. This is about using design and print to create (or at the very least contribute to) a tangible real-world experience. It forms part of a bigger space. And so to get the most out of the style, you first need to hold a picture in your mind of what that space will be.

A flexible approach

One of the most exciting things about this style of graphic is its flexibility. In the end it really just comes down to your imagination and how far you’re willing to push a project. Also, given the general size of large format graphics, they’re incredibly versatile when it comes to the types of materials you can print them on. An office wall, a wooden shed, wallpaper. Both temporary and permanent displays. What this means is that the larger form can be useful in both commercial and private settings. And it should really be considered whenever you have the physical space to accommodate something a little bigger.

Instant impact

Whenever you walk by a sportswear shop and see those huge images of athletes and models in the window, you’re looking at large format graphics. Images of this scale make a real impact on anyone who passes them by, and in a certain sense they can’t be ignored. It’s the same reason we always tend to look at billboards when stuck in traffic. There’s just something about scaled-up images that we can’t ignore. So if you want a fast and effective way of grabbing attention, go big!

An all round experience

What large format graphics achieve, in a nutshell, is an added dimension that fleshes out a space and reinforces a desired aesthetic. And when you’re aiming to elicit a certain mood from your customers or clients, it can be a really good way to go.

Red Square has worked on lots of Large Format jobs throughout the years, so if you've got some big ideas for big design, get in touch to see how we can help!