Attending an exhibition or expo provides a great opportunity to get your business in front of the eyes of prospective clients. They give you a chance to meet other business owners face-to-face, and as such can stand to be just as effective as a well-executed advertising campaign. But execution and care is also required if you want to get the most out of these types of events. You have to look the part as well as play the part, and in order to do that your stand branding needs to hit the mark.

Exhibit the logo 

The most important thing is that your company name and logo are prominent and highly legible. Sometimes businesses can get caught up in information overload, trying to cram reams and reams of detail onto their banners and displays. The problem here is that the more information that is on show, the harder it is to absorb everything at a passing glance. And an exhibition stand should always, ideally, be designed with passing glances in mind. This is because quite a lot of people at an exhibition or expo will simply walk past your stand without focussing much attention on it. So what little attention they do pay shouldn’t be squandered.

The short rule, then: display your logo and company name first and foremost. After that, if there’s any leftover space on your banner, maybe include a few bullet points or a short strapline. But try not to go much further than that. Don’t forget, if anyone feels inclined to learn more about your business, they can always come over to your table and pick up a leaflet.

Banner stand designs (left to right: Red Square Design, The Social Bubble, Dan Aziz Productions)

 Attract the eye

Think about the colours you’re using, and how best to utilise the orientation of your banners (landscape or portrait). As implied above, it’s often best to go with a minimalist look. A useful law of design to think about: clean and clear attracts the eye, busy and cluttered repels it.

Try to avoid budget options

While the cost of graphics for an exhibition stand can often be an issue, especially for newer and smaller businesses, it’s worth bearing in mind the potential pitfalls of ‘bargains’. A particular problem with pull-up and pop-up banners (which you’ll see mostly at exhibitions and expos) is something called banding. This is when the colours and images come out striped. It’s the result of a low-quality print job, and is committed mostly by low-cost printers. Banding can drastically reduce the credibility of your display. And it runs the risk of creating negative first-impressions with business owner and prospective clients with whom you’ve never met before.

Go with flexibility

The tricky thing about exhibitions and expos is that they happen all over the place. So your stand needs to be, if nothing else, flexible. Try to go with banners that will fit a variety of spaces and aesthetic contexts. Something else to think about is if there will always be a roof over your head at these events. Some of them do take place outdoors. So it can be a good idea to invest in a heavier, more stable set of banners to insure yourself against the elements if and when you have to face them!

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