As the world spins and time passes by, so our taste for the finer things in life grows. From one-day delivery services to fine dining experiences and 4K televisions, there’s no shortage of luxury in the modern world. And businesses can (and should) certainly capitalise on this surge of splendour from time-to-time. How do you do this? By adding a dash of the sumptuous to your marketing, of course!

Here are three extravagant print techniques that will quite literally douse your marketing in luxury.

Foil blocking

Generally used on invitations and box packaging, foil blocking is a fantastic way of adding an opulent and “high-end” aesthetic to your brand. Generally you’ll see foil blocking in gold and silver, but these days it can be applied in almost any colour, even holographic. This method is perfect to use on invitations and brochures aimed at top-end clients. Organising a high-profile dinner? Elegant fundraiser? Prestigious awards ceremony? Look no further. Eye-catching, luxurious, vibrant, and top quality. Foil blocking is a must for posh-projects. 

 Foil blocked


The big advantage of embossing is that it utilises a sense that is often neglected in the design and marketing world — touch. Hand someone a business card, they don’t expect to feel much, and most of the time they don’t feel much. Hand someone an embossed business card, however, and you’re giving them something really tangible. If for no other reason, they’ll put your card in their wallet just because it feels good. 

The same can be said for brochure covers. The nice bumpy feel of an embossed title could honestly make the difference between someone picking it up or walking past it. Try not to underestimate the extent to which people appreciate a quality touch. 


Laser cutting

An intricate and modern printing method, laser cutting is a printing party trick. With this technique you can achieve a finer level on detail in your designs. And it provides the opportunity to pull off more ambitious projects that would otherwise be unfeasible through alternative print styles. It’s best used for complex shapes. The beauty of laser cutting is that it implies real effort on your part. And it projects a “no expenses spared” image to your customers. So this can be a good choice when you’re trying to wow a prospective client. 

Laser cut
 Laser cut

Spot varnish  

Think of this as more of an embellishment. It’s something to draw the eye to a particular area of the page and really make it stand out. Essentially, spot varnishing is a play on light, and gives a shine to whatever it’s applied to when viewed from a certain angle. It’s all about lifting and enhancing images, and commanding the reader’s eye.  That said, of all the printing techniques mentioned, this is probably the most subtle. So it’s great for adding sophistication and grace to a project. If you’re sending out a brochure that you wish to be perceived as elegant and stylish, then spot varnishing could be the way to go. 

Spot varnish
 Spot varnish

Remember, whether aesthetic or physical, people always appreciate when you go the extra mile. The luxury print techniques mentioned here aren’t the cheapest options, but they won’t fail to make an impact. And considering that a good majority of your competitors won’t be going that extra mile, it could make all the difference in your next advertising campaign! 

If you’d like to know more about any of the methods discussed in this post, or if you’re looking for quotes and advice on your next print job, why not get in touch for a chat?