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Recently we were tasked with updating a set of signs for a client in a relatively short space of time. Typically, signage jobs can take anywhere from a few days to months to complete, but this needed to be turned around in three days!

So we thought we’d share our process and provide a brief overview of how a project like this can be completed on such a tight deadline. Hopefully it will shed some light on the way we operate at Red Square Design, and show how flexibility and trust play a large role in the success of these sort of jobs.

Day One

This is always the most hectic day, as it consists of receiving the brief, new brand guidelines, and project deadline. 

What was interesting about this job was that we were tasked with updating some existing external signs for a VIP visit. The signage already existed (we designed and project managed the entire original wayfinding system). But the design and artwork needed updating in order to align with the new brand vision. So, after receiving all the relevant information, it was a case of recreating the design/artwork to better fit with the changing brand. 

After this, the new designs were sent back to the client for comments and approval. And so began a short back-and-forth, consisting of minor artistic adjustments until the client was 100% satisfied. 

At this point the designs were sent on to a third party organisation (the brand owners) for final approval. And in the meantime we got in touch with our regular supplier/fitter to give him all the necessary info for the job. This is where things got interesting. 

As it turned out, our supplier was off on holiday in less than a week, so our deadline lurched forward. Now we only had a few days to get the job turned around. 

Day Two

The upkeep day. This was all about keeping on top of the client, checking the approval progress, and liaising with our supplier.

Unfortunately, by the end of the day, approval had still not been given by the third party organisation. This was slightly concerning, as it was a Friday, so the weekend was looming and the our supplier was away on Tuesday. 

Luckily, we’ve known and worked with our supplier for many years. We trust them, and know that their depth of industry knowledge means they can be very accurate in their estimated timelines. Allan (owner of CKA Signs), told us that if we could get the artwork to him by Monday morning, the sign would be ready the same day. 

So, with bated breath, we went home for the weekend.

Day Three

We arrive into the office, first thing, and there’s the approval. It’s ready to go. 

We contacted our supplier immediately, and he got to work. Later that same day, the old signs had been stripped, cleaned, and replaced with new vinyls. It was a quick turnaround and a fantastic job by CKA Signs. 

The added bonus: our client didn’t know we’d be installing the signs that same day. So when she came into the school, she was very pleasantly surprised by the results.


In the end, the success of this project was due to a combination of flexibility and trust. Our long-standing relationship with our supplier, and his willingness to go the extra mile in ensuring that the job was completed on time, enabled us to satisfy our client’s needs and provide a high-quality service in a timely fashion.

This is so often the case in business. And working with people you know and trust can make all the difference when it comes to the quality and delivery of the end product.

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