Sometimes businesses need a change. Whether it’s new management, new values, or a new mission statement. Change means rebrand. And often, the rebrand is inevitable. But it’s all about timing. Knowing when to rebrand is just as important as knowing why and how.

So the question is: how do you know when it’s time for a rebrand?

New management

If you’re taking over an existing business who’s current brand is, for whatever reason, not working, then a rebrand might be the first thing to consider. Especially if the business you’re taking over has ever suffered from adverse publicity.

It’s always worth remembering that with a pre-existing business comes a mountain of accumulated baggage. But it’s surprising how much of that baggage will be attributed to the brand. Change the brand, and people will immediately assume that a bigger, more fundamental, change has taken place beneath the surface.


This applies mainly to small businesses. Especially those who offer a personalised service. It may be that your expansion will result in a slight loss of this personalisation, and as such you will need to rebrand accordingly. It could be that the quality and intimacy of your service doesn’t change at all, and you want to reassure your customers of that fact, so you create an even friendlier and more personalised service than before.


Changing premises is a great opportunity for rebranding. A new location combined with new office space can give you the psychological push needed to take the plunge. When the external feels new, it’s easier to change the internal. So if you’ve been toying with the idea of a rebrand for a while, and you happen to be moving your business to a new space, capitalise on the opportunity for new things all round!

A changing world

Things change. And few things change as fast as consumer trends. The chances are that, barring a few immovable industries, whatever market your business serves, many things have changed even over the last few years. Sometimes, the best strategy is to go with flow and change with times. There are exceptions, of course. If your business is steeped in tradition and has been around for a long, long time, then a rebrand probably isn’t necessary. Think law firms and funeral directors. But for everyone else, it pays to keep up with trends.

Do a quick Google search on the history of any leading global brand and you’ll see how they’ve changed over time. Graphical styles, aesthetic preferences, and the popularity of certain colours all shift from year to year and decade to decade (for proof, see 80s fashion).

Rebranding is one of the most powerful ways to put a fresh spin on an existing business. If you think it’s time a change, get in touch with Red Square Design for a free consultation