Superheroes are like cousins: everyone has a favourite. And though we might not speak our preferences out loud, somewhere along the way we all develop a soft spot for a particular spandex-clad, metal-armoured, or caped vigilante.

But what we rarely give any thought to is what our superhero preferences say about us as individuals. Or what they say about us as consumers. Do Batman lovers shop in different stores to Spiderman devotees? Well, there’s no research on the subject, so, scientifically speaking, the jury’s still out. But, hey, when’s a lack of solid evidence ever stopped people from speculating before?

So, in good-humour (and with pure conjecture), here’s Red Square’s take on what your favourite superhero says about your consumer choices.

Iron Man

Rich, suave, intelligent. Tony Stark, the man behind the suit, is nothing if not a cool customer. 

Chances are you’re a bit of a tech head. Early adopter. You’re an innovator, spearheading trends, never following the crowd. You like flash, quality brands, and probably spend a considerable amount of time frequenting gadget stores.

You also like to dress well: smart-casual. Nothing too fancy, but enough to say you mean business.


Young, or, at least, young at heart. If Spidey’s your favourite, you’re probably wearing skinny jeans and sneakers, carrying a nice canvas bag filled with books and comics. Often found in bookstores or coffee shops, you like to be cool but not necessarily mainstream. Perhaps erring on the territory of the disenfranchised. You like to support local businesses. Probably you ride a fixie bike. Who knows, some people might even call you a hipster. 

The Hulk

A reckless gambler. Your impulses change at the drop of a hat and take you anywhere. You don’t have a favourite store, product, or brand. You just go with your gut—buy whatever your feelings tell you to buy.

You’re not the kind of person who syncs your phone with your laptop. As a matter of fact, your phone and laptop don’t even function on the same operating system.

You love a good sale, and seeing anything with a “50% off” sticker sets you off on a shopping rampage. Woe betide those poor souls who stand in your way on Black Friday.

Superman/Wonder Woman

Different heroes, same consumer profile.

You’re probably a traditional soul. Still impressed by microwaves and generally enthralled by household appliances. Washing machines, ovens, and fitted kitchens all hold a special place in your heart.


You buy too many knives.

The Invisible Woman

You like to blend in with the crowd. You’re not too conservative, nor too liberal, with your purchases, especially in the fashion department. You don’t want to turn any heads.

The shy, intellectual type, you always have a book on hand. And you spend lots of money on tickets to see live Q&As with authors and philosophers—but you never ask questions. Good quality stationary is important to you, as you like to sketch people as the walk by the café window.

Captain America

A true conformist as far and consumerism goes. You don’t like to rock the boat with anything that even whiffs of the alternative. You go with the trends, shop at the biggest retailers, and jump on board with all the latest trends. This is not to say that you’re boring, just that buying things doesn’t interest you so much. You buy for the sake of fitting in with society, because you’re an honest citizen.


You’re a buyer who knows what you want before even stepping out the front door. No um-ing and ah-ing. No shopping around. No comparison websites. You have a product in mind and you lock on until it’s yours. No distractions, no additional items, no point-of-sale extras. You’re in and you’re out.


IKEA is your home from home.

Jean Grey

You sit at home and use your intense telekinetic powers to will products into your possession. You employ intimidation and psychological torment to coerce friends and family into buying whatever it is you desire on your behalf.

Mugs and plates and cushions mysteriously fly across the room when gifts are not forthcoming. You must be appeased with offerings, lest the full force of your immense mental capacities be unleashed upon the world.

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