Graphic design is more accessible now than ever before. From online DIY resources to websites that allow you to hire remote designers for a fraction of the cost. The ripple effects of the digital age have made design work quicker, easier, and cheaper to obtain than at any other point in time. And as more and more people are opting for budget (even free) services, the lines of the craft, and the role of the designer, are beginning to blur.

These modern options are of course convenient. But the problem with convenience is that often it compromises on quality. And what is being saved by the client in time and money can be lost in the quality of the work.

Really, the importance of cultivating a relationship with a design consultant can’t be overstated. As with any other craft, there are underlying principles to graphic design. And what a design consultant brings to the table is a culmination of all their industry-specific experience and expertise.

So let’s look at why you should always opt for a design consultant when working on new designs.

It’s like buying a suit

In many ways, designing a new brand is like buying a new suit. And when you buy a suit, generally speaking there are two options available to you: 1) you can buy one off the shelf, or 2) you can have one tailor made.

Off-the-shelf suits are, of course, cheaper, and they do the job, but they never fit quite as well as their bespoke counterparts. Maybe the trousers are too long, or the sides are a bit baggy, but there’s always something slightly off. Tailor-made suits, on the other hand, are created with you in mind. They’re built around your body type, your height, and the context in which you’ll be wearing them. Because expert tailors know their business. They know which colours, styles, patterns, and materials match which client and which event. This is exactly the same with designers.

Unless you use a professional who’s willing to spend time learning the ins and outs of your brand, your designs will never be tailor-fitted to your business. Design consultants have the know-how and experience to measure up your brand and find a style that fits. This means you’ll come away with something completely unique, as opposed to something that feels mass-produced and impersonal.

The big, personal picture

Something else that you can only get with a qualified professional is a personal service. It’s a design consultant’s job to scrutinise the look and feel of your brand. They’re looking at the tone, considering the audience, and working to create something that fits. It’s not just about doing a quick job for as little money as possible, it’s about satisfying you, the client.

A design consultant has the ability, craft, and education, to consider your designs in a larger, long-term, context. They take everything into account, and they do all the legwork for you.

Essentially, a professional will give you a bespoke service that serves your brand in the wider scheme of things. No matter how small the job, to an expert design consultant it’s never just a one-size-fits-all affair. And it’s never about doing the work for as cheap as possible in the shortest possible time. In the eyes of a design consultant worth their salt, there’s always a bigger picture to consider, a reputation to maintain, and a good job to be done.

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