Magazines are an incredible source of inspiration and ideas. And despite the modern explosion of digital content, the focussed and tactile nature of a physical magazine is still a much sought-after and rewarding experience. 

Of course, here at Red Square Design we’re big advocates of print, so all of the featured publications offer a physical subscription. But the value of a magazine extends far beyond its being made of ink and paper. There’s a certain joy to be had in progressing through a selection of carefully curated and subtly connected content that often feels curiously absent in the digital space. 

And though content for designers is plentiful, and there are seemingly infinite creative sources to draw from online, its always good to have a magazine or two to check in on from time to time. With that said, here are 5 design magazines that we deem essential additions to any designers bookshelf. 


Eye is a quarterly journal focusing on graphic design and visual culture. Its a beautiful, eye-catching publication (pardon the pun), intended as a “collectible journal”. So be warned: if you get into this one, you’ll need a lot of shelf space. 


A bimonthly magazine, founded in 1940, offering design inspiration, education, and professional profiles. It bills itself as a leading authority on the design industry. Covering everything from corporate branding and exhibitions to lustration and motion graphics. It’s a must-read for those seeking a broad perspective of the industry.  

Creative Review

Creative Review showcases an eclectic mixture of subjects. Including graphic design, advertising, typography, photography, branding, and more. It’s a celebration of all things creative. In their own words, they “share insight and inspiration across disciplines and borders, connecting brilliant minds to make brilliant things happen”. 


Created in 1994, Juxtapoz is a celebration of urban alternative and underground contemporary art. Connecting modern genres such as graffiti, illustration, psychedelic and street art, to broader, more established genres like Pop, assemblage, and conceptual art, Juxtapoz is a bridge between many worlds. As of 2009, it was the most widely circulated art magazine in the United States. 

Harvard Design Magazine

A hotpot of creative ideas, insights, and scholarly views. Each issue has a different focal point and brings together voices from an incredibly broad range of disciplines. Expect to find architects, urban planners, scientists, and artists all sharing ink in these pages. What’s more, its born out of Harvard, so it must be good. 

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 interesting  us mental space and creative respite, providing just enough information without being overwhelming.