Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels.

It’s November. The days are getting shorter and colder, and we’re now in the midst of another lockdown. And whilst those of us who are still able to work as normal can be very grateful for the fact, there are many people whose working patterns have once again shifted into unusual territory. 

Lots of individuals up and down the country will once more be set to working from home. And though this is a dream scenario for some, it can be very testing for those who are unprepared and unaccustomed to such a working life. 

So in times like these it’s of the utmost importance that we look after ourselves, both mentally and physically, to ensure that our emotional wellbeing stays in good shape. And to help us all along, we’ve outlined a few key tips for staying happy and healthy whilst housebound… 


To keep your motivation and self-esteem up, it’s vastly important to get dressed in the morning as if it’s just another day at the office. And though you don’t have to put on an actual suit, it’s still a good idea to dress smart. 

This seems like a simple and somewhat obvious point, but it’s all-to-tempting, when we’re stuck at home with nowhere to go, to just throw on our lounge gear. But if we don’t  change our clothes then we’re not preparing ourselves mentally for the day to come. 

When working from home, one of the keys to success is training our minds to be able to easily switch in and out of work mode. And providing physical cues, such as getting changed into an office-worthy outfit, is a great way of helping to make that distinction. 

Establish a routine 

When working from home, you might want to take the opportunity to shake up your routine a little bit. Maybe you’ll start working from 10 instead of 9, or maybe you’ll take a slightly longer lunch. 

Whatever the case, the important thing is to keep a routine. If possible, try to avoid starting work at 8am on one day, 9 the next, and 10 the next. This all comes back to motivation and productivity. By establishing set working times we can more easily shift ourselves in and out of “work mode”. 

This is crucial because it doesn’t allow for procrastination to creep up and steal our time away. And if we can keep procrastination and work-lethargy at a minimum, then our feelings of wellbeing shouldn’t suffer as a result.

Stay active

When it comes to wellbeing, in any context, exercise and physical activity plays an enormous role. 

If we want to stay healthy in both mind and body then we need to stay active. This is especially important for desk-based workers, and it’s even more important when desk-based workers are forced to work from home. 

It’s not about running marathons and cycling up the side of cliffs, but simply about moving. Take regular breaks to stand up and stretch, even as frequently as every 20 minutes. Go out into the garden for some fresh air. Wash the dishes. Take an online yoga or fitness class. Do 30 star jumps. 

Whatever it is, just be sure to move regularly. And if possible, try to incorporate some more intense workout sessions into your weekly routine. You’ll feel all the healthier and happier for it! 


Lots of us run away from the word “meditation”. In fact, just the thought of sitting in complete silence for more than 30 seconds leaves some people completely terrified. 

But meditation is an amazing tool for maintaining wellbeing and mental health, and it comes with a plethora of health benefits

Even just 10 minutes a day could stand to have a huge impact on your overall wellbeing. And in stressful and uncertain times meditation is an indispensable tool that we should all consider having a go at.  

A great place to start for anyone interested is Headspace (please note that this isn’t an affiliate link).

Socialise (digitally)

Don’t forget to keep in touch with friends and colleagues. Video chats, text messages, and phone calls can really help to keep our spirits up and prevent us from feeling isolated.

Keeping in regular contact with friends also helps to remind us that we’re not alone in our situation. And it can encourage us to keep a positive mindset and stay enthusiastic. 

Keeping healthy 

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